Fear and ignorance are the driving factors in a bad divorce. A little education can go a long way to avoiding the pitfalls of separation.

No one is taught how to handle the break up of a relationship, and you can pay hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to work out what you need to do next.

Getting divorced impacts your life, your children, your job, your reputation, and your peace of mind.

It’s a very traumatic time, but help is at hand.

People around the world are discovering the benefits of working with a divorce coach and saving themselves valuable time, and thousands of dollars.

”What does Fiona do?”

Fiona is an author, consultant, and internationally recognised expert in the field of Divorce and relationship break-ups. She helps people navigate the confusing and overwhelming process, so they can make strong and confident decisions for their future.

Behind the scenes, Fiona trains coaches, mediators, business-owners, government departments, Human Resources Managers, legal councillors, therapists and other healthcare professionals, to support their clients, and staff, with proven tools and strategies.

Fiona will help you:

  • Get clarity around what you want
  • Master your emotions
  • Build your confidence to make informed decisions
  • Empower you through the process
  • Find the right professional support
  • Move on and let go
  • Create a compelling plan for your new future



Fiona Stuart

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