Why You Need A Divorce Coach!


Hi! I’m Fiona Stuart

You might be wondering how I can help you, especially when every divorce is different and unique?

That’s a good question, but let me tell you a hard fact: every break-up involves a lot of pain, anxiety, stress and fear around an uncertain future. That is pretty much the same for everyone.

I lost my multi-million-dollar home, and lifestyle, due to my divorce, and I made every mistake and dropped into pitfall along the way. Now I help people, just like you, avoid making those same mistakes. Smart people can have bad divorces because they make terrible decisions that can be avoided with a little education.

Life might be overwhelming and lonely right about now, but let me reassure you, you are not alone. I can help.

There are six phases of Divorce and knowing where you are now, and determining your next step, will help you cut down your stress and anxiety. This is going to be a tough time for you, so make your life easier by knowing what to expect and planning for it.

  1. Pre-separation
    • should you stay or should you go?
    • have you tried everything to help your relationship?
    • understanding what’s really involved in getting divorced
    • making a decision
  2. Shock, denial, grief of separation
    • facing the truth of your situation
    • the sliding scale of grief and emotions
    • telling the children
    • dealing with conflict
    • protecting yourself financially and electronically
  3. Getting Organised
    • knowing your financial position
    • collating important documents
    • organising tax, debts, assets
    • establishing budgets
    • get a good calendar, and keep a diary
  4. Divorce, Settlement, Custody
    • getting an experienced lawyer
    • establishing your support team
    • bringing a good client
    • knowing what you want
    • learning to co-parent
  5. Mobilizing the troops and Moving Forward
    • selling the family home and moving
    • setting new routines, traditions, and rituals
    • re-entering the workforce
    • establishing new goals
    • creating a new plan that excites you
  6. The New Normal
    • the art of reinvention
    • finding your tribe and expanding your life
    • parenting your way
    • single and circulating
    • introducing new partners to your family
    • recovering and rebuilding

Here’s something to get you started …

Download “Getting Divorced? What You Need to Know NOW!” It’s free and it will help you to get organized and stay protected. It covers:

  • How to get organised for the process
  • What information you’ll need to pull together
  • Your legal options

and much more …

Download this free report “Getting Divorced? What You Need to Know NOW!”

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